The Flea Market Hustlers bring it... every time. Sometimes it's an infectious groove with a deep pocket, other times it's a manic bluegrass meditation on spirituality and beer, but all of the time it's a unique celebration.

The Hustlers are a collection of Nashville area musicians and friends who came together as a side project to have fun playing bluegrass. With a weekly gig at the famous Miller's Grocery, the Hustlers cultivated their unique approach and style. As the band continued to evolve, more influences from the members' outside interests began to blend into the music. Soon the Hustlers took their musical menagerie of drums, electric guitars, and acoustic instruments to the local and regional club scene where they  played to enthusiastic crowds. Original songs, quirky covers, and traditional renderings blend into a party like atmosphere that will last until dawn... or at least the end of the set. 

2016 was an exciting year for the Hustlers. With their 2015 studio release "Last Man Standing" the band was invited to appear on two nationally syndicated TV shows. While recording the "Sun Studio Sessions" show in Memphis, the boys took the opportunity to record in those hallowed walls. That studio LP, "Cover Your Ears," will be out in 2017 as the television show airs. The "Jammin' At Hippie Jack's" show is currently airing and a live CD of the full performance is now available. 

A band of brothers, the Hustler family is a tradition that continues to evolve. With full lives outside the band, the Hustlers are currently focused on developing material and having fun! Live performances have become special occasions as the band now plays mostly festivals, special events, and an occasional tour.

Get Hustled!

John Furbush - Mandolin, Harmonica, Vocals
David Preston - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Mike Tharpe - Banjo, Vocals
Jake Winebrenner - Percussion, Vocals